Areas Of Practice

I practice entertainment law in the following areas …

Film & Television

All services necessary for film and television are offered, up to and including:

– The financing, production and distribution of motion pictures and television programs
– Production entity formation
– Underlying rights acquisitions (life story rights and option agreements)
– Financing agreements
– Writer agreements
– Development, production and co-production agreements
– Guild agreements (SAG-AFTRA, WGA, DGA)
– Clearances and releases
– Talent and crew agreements (above and below-the-line)
– Distribution agreements
– Music licensing and soundtrack agreements


Offering a variety of services in the music industry, including, but without limitation:

– Recording agreements
– Production agreements
– Distribution agreements
– Management agreements
– Producer agreements
– Band agreements
– Copyright registrations, performing rights societies registrations (ASCAP, BMI, SESAC)
– Merchandising agreements
– Touring / live performance / venue agreements


Services related to literary publishing agreements offered, including, without limitation:

– Agency agreements
– Literary publishing agreements
– Independent contractor agreements (writers, illustrators and ghost writers)
– Relevant licenses and clearances

Intellectual Property

Relevant services related to registering and protecting intellectual property rights, including and without limitation:

– Registrations
– Assignments
– Recordations
– Merchandising and licensing agreements
– Infringement matters, DMCA notices and compliance

General Entertainment Matters

Services for general entertainment related matters are offered up to and including:

– Management agreements
– Agency agreements
– Sponsorship agreements
– Independent contractor agreements
– Private label agreements
– Service agreements
– Software agreements
– Alternative dispute resolution